Looking for improved texture, better freeze/thaw stability, or enrichment of calcium?

Key Ingredients:

Citric Acid

Citric Acid acts as synergist for antioxidents, buffers pH, imparts flavors, and provides acidity.


DKP inhibits feathering of non-dairy creamer when added to warm acididic coffee.

Disodium Phosphate (DSP)

DSP is added to fluid milk during pasteurization or spray drying to inhibit protein denaturation during heat treatment and allows efficient protein dispersion upon rehydration.

Gluconic Acid

Gluconic Acid adjusts pH and provides acidic conditions while imparting a mild taste.

Glucono Delta Lactone

GDL provides a progressive pH decrease, provides a well controlled slow acidification for the coagulation of dairy proteins, acts as mild acidifier and coagulant for feta, white cheese and paneer processing, and acts as a firming agent in alginate or pectin stabilized fruit preparations.

Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid acidifies mildly, supports flavors, and coagulates ricotta.


Phosphates stabilize milk proteins, aid in thermal processing of milk, adds stability and firmness to flans and mousses, acts as a heat stabilizer, maintains pH regulation, prevents hardening of pumpable and spreadable cheeses, aids in controlling texture and color, aids in the taste of the cheese process and prevents churning of milk fat during the ice cream process.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid allows preparation of buttermilk and cottage cheese via direct acidification, and adds shelf life.

Polyglcerol Esters

Polyglcerol Esters acts as an emulsifier for whipped toppings and frostings.


Polysorbates act as a defoaming agent for cottage cheese, as an emulsifier for ice creams, whipped toppings, and icings/frosting.

Potassium Gluconate

Potassium Gluconate replaces salt, enables the use of nutrition claims, and enables the use of health claims.

Potassium Lactate

Potassium Lactate adjusts pH.


SHMP inhibits UHT milk age gelation.


STPP Inhibits purple discoloration of strawberry-flavored milk by binding to the iron

Sodium Lactate

Sodium Lactate adjusts pH.


TSPP keeps cocoa in suspension in chocolate milk.

Tricalcium Citrate

Tricalcium Citrate enriches the calcium content, adjusts pH, shows low reactivity compared to other calcium salts, enables the use of nutrition claims, and enables the use of health claims.

Trimagnesium Citrate

Trimagnesium Citrate enriches the magnesium content, enables the use of nutrion claims, and enables the use of health claims.

Tripottasium Citrate

Tripotassium Citrate serves as a potassium fortification, buffers pH, improves complexity and/or stability, chelates metal ions, replaces sodium and serves sodium-free pH regulation, stabilizes milk and soy products during heat treatment, acts as an emulsifying salt to process cheese, enables the use of nutrition claims, and enables the use of health claims.

Trisodium Ciltrate Dihydrate

Trisodium Ciltrate Dihydrate adjusts pH, chelates metal ions, buffers pH and imparts flavor.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum provides high stabilizing and suspending properties, provides high viscosity at low concentration, provides excellent freeze/thaw stability, inhibits syneresis, and stabilizes emulsions.